Risk for Self or Other-directed Violence related to Hallucinations

Nursing Care Plan for Hallucinations

Nursing Diagnosis : Risk for Self or Other-directed Violence

Goal : Do not occur or other self -directed violence .

  • Patients can express their feelings in its current state verbally .
  • Patients can mention the usual action when hallucinations , hallucinations and decide how to carry out an effective way for patients to use
  • Patients can use the patient's family in a way to control hallucinations often interact with the family .

Intervention :
  1. Construct a trusting relationship
  2. Give the client the opportunity to express his feelings .
  3. Listen to the client's expression of empathy
  4. Hold a brief but frequent contacts gradually ( time adjusted to the client ) .
  5. Observation of behavior : verbal and non- verbal hallucinations associated with .
  6. Explain to the client signs to describe the behavior hallucinations hallucinations .
  7. Identification with the client situation that raises and does not cause hallucinations , content , time , frequency .
  8. Give the client the opportunity to express his feelings when natural hallucination .
  9. Identification with the action taken when a client is experiencing hallucinations .
  10. Discuss ways to decide hallucinations
  11. Give the client a chance to reveal how to decide in accordance with the client's hallucinations .
  12. Encourage clients to participate in group activity therapy
  13. Instruct the client to notify the family when experiencing hallucinations .
  14. Discuss with clients about the benefits of the drug to control hallucinations .
  15. Help clients use the drug correctly .

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