Nursing Diagnosis and Nursing Intervention

Disturbed Sleep Pattern and Risk for Injury related to BPH

Nursing Care Plan for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Nursing Diagnosis for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia : Disturbed Sleep Pattern related to pain / surgery effects.

Goal : The need for sleep and rest are met.

Outcomes :
  • Clients are able to rest / sleep within a reasonable time.
  • Clients are able to express sleep.
  • Clients are able to explain the factors inhibiting sleep.

Interventions :

1. Explain to the client and family causes sleep disturbance and possible ways to avoid.
R / improve knowledge so that the client be cooperative , in the act of nursing.

2. Create a supportive atmosphere, quiet atmosphere with reduced noise.
R / Quiet atmosphere will support the rest.

3. Give the client the opportunity to reveal the causes of sleep disorders.
R / Determine a plan to overcome interference.

4. Collaboration with physicians for the administration of drugs that can reduce pain (analgesic).
R / Reduce pain so clients can rest enough.

Nursing Diagnosis Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia : Risk for injury : bleeding related to surgery.

Goal : There was no bleeding.

Outcomes :
The client does not show signs of bleeding.
Vital signs within normal limits.
Urine smoothly through the catheter.

Interventions :

1. Explain to the client about the cause of bleeding after surgery and signs of bleeding.
R / : Reduce client anxiety and knowing the signs of bleeding.

2. Irrigation catheter flow if it detects the presence of a clot in the catheter tract.
R / : Clots can clog the catheter, causing stretching and bleeding of the bladder.

3. Provide a diet high in fiber and provide the drug to facilitate defecation.
R / : With increasing pressure on the prostatic fossa will precipitate bleeding.

4. Prevent the use of a rectal thermometer, rectal examination, for at least one week.
R / : May cause bleeding of the prostate.
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