Risk for Injury - Nursing Care Plan Meningitis

Nursing Diagnosis for Meningitis: Risk for Injury related to general weakness.

The expected outcomes / evaluation criteria pediatric patients: No seizures or comorbidities or other injury.

a. Monitor the spasms / twitching of the hands, feet and mouth or other facial muscles.
Rational: reflecting on the CNS in general irritation that require immediate evaluation and possible intervention to prevent complications.

b. Provide security for patients by providing assistance on the bed and keep the barrier remained in place and attach the plastic artificial airway or soft rolls and a suction bulb.
Rationale: protect patients when seizures. Note; enter the airway assistance / soft rolls if only jaw relaxation, not forced to enter as his teeth shut and soft tissue will be damaged.

c. Maintain bed rest during the acute phase. Move. Moving with the help of corresponding improvement in the situation.
Rational: reducing the risk of falls / trauma case vertigo, syncope or ataxia.

d. Give medication as indicated as phenytoin (Dilantin), diazepam, phenobarbital.
Rational: an indication for the treatment and prevention of seizures. Records: Phenobarbital may cause respiratory and sedative defresi and mask the signs / symptoms of increased ICP.

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