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Medical Management of Scoliosis

Medical Management of Scoliosis

Medical Management of Scoliosis

Treatment depends on the cause, degree and location of the curve and the stage of bone growth.

If the curvature is less than 20%, usually require no treatment, but patients should perform regular checks every 6 months.

In children who are still growing, the curvature usually increased up to 25-30%, because it is usually advisable to use braces to help slow the progression of the curvature of the spine.

Braces of the "Milwaukee and Boston" is effective in controlling the progression of scoliosis, but must be installed for 23 hours / day until the child stops growing.
Brace ineffective in congenital and neuromuscular scoliosis.

If the curvature reached 40% or more, usually with surgery. In the surgery done to improve the curvature and fusion of the bones. Bone is maintained in place with the help of 1-2 metal tool attached to the bones recovered (less than 20 years). After the surgery may need to be fitted brace to stabilize the spine.

Sometimes given elektrospinal stimulation, in which the spinal muscles were stimulated with a low electrical current to straighten the spine.
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