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Acute Pain related to Constipation

Acute pain related to Constipation

Nursing Diagnosis for Constipation : Acute Pain related to the accumulation of hard stool in the abdomen

  • Show the pain has diminished

Expected outcomes are:
  • Shows relaxation techniques, individually effective to achieve comfort.
  • Maintain the level of pain on a small scale
  • Reported physical and psychological health.
  • Recognize the causes and the use of measures to prevent pain.
  • Using action to reduce the pain with analgesics and non-analgesics as appropriate.
Nursing Intervention for Acute Pain - NCP Constipation:
  • Help the patient to focus more on activities rather than pain, to make of switching via television or radio.
  • Note that the elderly have increased sensitivity to the analgesic effects of opiates.
  • Consider the possibility of drug-drug interactions and drug disease in the elderly.
  • Clients can distract from pain.
  • Be careful in giving anlgesik opiates.
  • Be careful in the provision of drugs in the elderly.
  • Ask the patient to assess pain or lack of comfort on a scale of 0-10.
  • Use the pain flow sheet.
  • Perform a comprehensive pain assessment.
  • Knowing the client's level of pain experienced.
  • Knowing the characteristics of the pain.
  • Knowing the specific pain.

Health education
  • Instruct patient to inform the nurse, if the reduction of pain, less is reached.
  • Provide information about the pain.
  • Nurses can perform the right actions, overcoming the client's pain.
  • So that patients do not feel anxious.
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