Social Isolation: withdrawal related to Low Self-esteem

Nursing Care Plan for Hallucination

Nursing Diagnosis : Social Isolation: withdrawal related to Low Self-esteem

Goal : Patients can connect with other people in stages .

  • Patients can mention coping can be used .
  • Patients can mention the effectiveness of coping used .
  • Patients are able to begin to evaluate themselves .
  • patients are able to make a realistic plan in accordance with the existing capabilities at him .
  • Patients are responsible for any action taken in accordance with the plan to .
Intervention :
  1. Encourage the patient to mention the positive aspects in him physically .
  2. Discuss with the patient about his expectations .
  3. Discuss with patients who stand out for their skills at home and in the hospital .
  4. Give compliments .
  5. Identify the problems being faced by patients
  6. Discuss coping used by the patient .
  7. Discuss effective coping strategies for patients .
  8. Stressor identification with the patient and how the patient penialian to stressors .
  9. Explain that the patient confidence to stressors affect the mind and behavior .
  10. Together with the patient identification illustrate the belief that the goal is not realistic .
  11. Together with the identification of patients coping strengths and resources owned
  12. Show me the concept of success and failure with a suitable perception .
  13. Discuss adaptive and maladaptive coping .
  14. Discuss and losses due to maladaptive coping responses .
  15. Help the patient to understand that the only patients who can transform themselves not others
  16. Encourage the patient to formulate plans / objectives themselves ( not a nurse ) .
  17. Discuss the consequences and realities of planning / goal .
  18. Help the patient to clearly menetpkan changes expected .
  19. Encourage the patient to begin a new experience to develop according to the existing potential in him .

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