Mental State Examination : Affect and Mood

Affect and Mood

A complex feeling state with psychic, somatic and behavioral components related to
affective and mood.


Afek is a visible expression of emotion ; may not be consistent with the emotions that said the patient.
  1. Appropriate Affect : emotional rhythm harmonious conditions ( corresponding, synchronized) with the idea, thought or conversation that accompanies ; further described as a wide or full affect, in which a complete emotional range expressed accordingly.
  2. Inappropriate Affect : disharmony between the emotional rhythm with ideas, thoughts or conversation.
  3. Blunted Affect : the affective disorders manifested by severe decline in the intensity of feeling expressed rhythm out.
  4. Restricted or constricted Affect : reduction in the intensity of the rhythm feeling less severe than the effects of blunt but clearly decreased.
  5. Fiat Affect : no or almost no signs of affective expression ; monotonous voice, a face that does not move.
  6. Labile Affect : feeling rhythm changes quickly and abruptly, which is not related to external stimulation.


Mood is an emotion that permeated maintained, subjectively experienced and reported by patients and seen by others. Examples are depression, elasi, anger.
  1. Dysphoric mood : an unpleasant mood.
  2. Euthymic Mood : mood within the normal range, suggesting the presence of depressed mood or soar.
  3. Expansive mood : the expression of one's feelings without limitation, often with exaggerated assessment of the person's interest or significance.
  4. Irritable mood : the feeling caused by the expression disturbed or angered easily.
  5. Labile mood : oscillation between euphoria and depression or angered.
  6. Elevated mood : atmosphere of confidence and pleasure ; a more cheerful mood than usual.
  7. Euphoria : elasi strong feeling of greatness.
  8. Ecstasy : a strong sense of excitement.
  9. Depression : feelings of sadness that psychopathological.
  10. Anhedonia : loss of interest and withdraw from all routine activities and fun, often accompanied by depression.
  11. Grief ( mourning ) : sadness in accordance with the real loss.
  12. Alexitimia : inability or difficulty in describing or being aware of one's emotions or mood.

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