Nursing Diagnosis and Nursing Intervention

Fatigue Nursing Interventions - Activity Intolerance

Activity intolerance related to fatigue

Definition: Insufficient physiological or psychological energy to continue or complete the requested activity or daily activities.

Defining characteristics:

Verbal report of fatigue or weakness.
Abnormal response of blood pressure or pulse of activity
ECG changes indicating ischemia or arrhythmia
Presence of dyspnea or discomfort on exertion.

Related factors:

Bed rest or immobilization Baring
Overall weakness
Imbalance between oxygen suplei needs
Lifestyle is maintained.


Energy conservation
Self Care: ADLs

Expected Result:
Participate in physical activity without an accompanying increase in blood pressure, pulse and respiration
Able to perform daily activities (ADLs) independently


Energy Management

Observation of client restrictions in activities
Encourage the child to express feelings of limitations
Assess the factors that cause fatigue
Monitor nutrition and adequate sources of energy
Monitor the patient's physical and emotional exhaustion are excessive
Monitor cardiovascular response to activity
Monitor sleep patterns and duration of sleep / rest patients

Activity Therapy

Collaborate with the Medical Rehabilitation Workers dalammerencanakan progran appropriate therapy.
Help clients to identify activities that can be done
Helps to choose activities consistent with the ability yangsesuai physical, psychological and social
Helps to identify and obtain resources needed for the desired activity
Mendpatkan auxiliary aids for activities such as wheelchairs, crick
Bantu untu identify a preferred activity
Help clients to exercise their free time schedule
Help the patient / family to identify deficiencies in the activity
Provide positive reinforcement for active move
Help the patient to develop self-motivation and reinforcement
Monitor physical response, EMOI, social and spiritual

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