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Simple Ways to Eliminate Acne at Home

All human dreams is like to have a clean face, smooth, and free from acne. It looks like acne is deeply ivory in humans, because almost everyone in this world can not be separated with this one issue, namely acne. It was difficult to accept these skin problems on the face, because the appearance of acne can change everything in terms of looks, a sense of lack of confidence, a sense of inferiority and shame with face full of acne. Usually acne is prone to oily face, because the face is oily when touched with dirty hands then, little by little pimples appear on the face like that. A lot of people who gave up his money was gone for treatment for acne on his face, but there are also people who do simple cure to get rid of acne. With treatment and spend money to disappear acne, acne seems to be quickly lost, because it is handled by a professional person, whereas with a simple way of pimples healing properties are no different to people who went to the doctor, but aga long to get rid of acne between 1 to 14 the acne will disappear in a simple way.

The appearance of acne can be caused by two factors, among others:

The first factor, acne will come through heredity, Why? If one parent either father or mother who has acne on his face, then his chances will experience acne age range 13 to 16/17 years.

The second factor, acne also will appear with lifestyle, means? Someone who can not control include lifestyle, irregular diet, eating foods that can cause acne, such as fried foods, meats, and foods containing oils, and irregular sleep patterns, means? Incompatibility with activity breaks conclusion, someone who is more activity to stay up and rested only 1 to 2 hours will trigger the appearance of acne.

Both of these factors were significantly associated with the appearance of acne .

Now we will discuss methods of healing acne from simpl.
  • Reduce foods containing oils , such as eggs , fried foods , meat , satay , and all foods containing oil , as it can trigger acne .
  • Begin meals with nutritious foods and start with vegetarians , such as vegetables , fruits , little by little acne goes away by itself .
  • Reduce or sleep staying up too late , get used to sleep between the hours of 9 am to 10 pm , and more sleep during the day .
  • Avoid solving acne with dirty hands and do not solve the acne that will break by itself ( Acne , which is white ) because it can cause the face to be damaged and perforated . Let stand for acne it will break by itself and do not solve the acne memakasakan our hands .
  • Not too much mind , it is one of the causes of acne triggers .
  • Try eating garlic before afternoon showers if you can not eat garlic , try garlic slices to small and apply on acne affected face and wait for 3 to 4 minutes , then rinse with water and soap . it is very helpful to eliminate acne fairly quickly with time .
  • Apply toothpaste on acne affected face before bed and leave overnight toothpaste attach to the front of you , the next day rinse with water and soap . Do not use the transparent toothpaste.
  • Pluck the strings skillfully Aloe Vera plant , Abillah mucus from the aloe vera and apply on acne affected face , wait for 3 to 4 minutes , then rinse with water and soap .
  • This is the most important thing , especially oily face usually in the afternoon or evening to face felt sticky and shiny face when exposed to sunlight during the day and evening , you do not touching the face when the crate situation , but washing your hands and rinse your face with water and soap until it looks clean .
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