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Management of Anemia

Management of Anemia

Management of Anemia is shown to find the cause and replace lost blood:

  • Antibiotics given to prevent infection.
  • Folic acid supplements can stimulate the formation of red blood cells.
  • Avoid situations of oxygen deficiency or activity that requires oxygen.
  • Treat the cause of abnormal bleeding if any.
  • Iron-rich diet containing meat and green vegetables.

Treatment (for treatment depends on the cause):
  1. Iron deficiency anemia
  2. Management:
    • Set the iron-containing foods, try the food provided, such as fish, meat, eggs and vegetables.
    • Giving preparations FE
    • Perrosulfat 3x 200 mg / day / per oral after meals
    • Peroglukonat 3x 200 mg / day / per oral after meals.
  3. Pernicious Anemia: vitamin B12
  4. Folic acid Anemia : Folic acid 5 mg / day / orally
  5. Anemia due to bleeding: bleeding and shock overcome by giving fluids and blood transfusions.
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