Nursing Diagnosis and Nursing Intervention

Nursing Interventions for Delusional Disorders

Nursing Interventions for Delusional Disorders
  • In dealing with the patient, be direct, straightforward, and dependable. Whenever possible, elicit his feedback. Move slowly, with a matter-of-fact manner, and respond without anger or defensiveness to his hostile remarks.
  • Accept the patient's delusional system. Don't attempt to argue with him about what's real.
  • Respect the patient's privacy and space needs. Avoid touching him unnecessarily.
  • Take steps to reduce social isolation, if the patient allows. Gradually increase social contacts after he has become comfortable with the staff.
  • Watch for refusal of medication or food, resulting from the patient's irrational fear of poisoning.
  • Monitor the patient carefully for adverse effects of neuroleptic drugs: drug-induced parkinsonism, acute dystonia, akathisia, tardive dyskinesia, and malignant neuroleptic syndrome.
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