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Suicide is one form of emergency psychiatry. Although suicide is a behavior that requires a comprehensive assessment of depression, drug abuse, schizophrenia, personality disorders (paranoid, borderline, antisocial), suicide can not be equated with mental illness. There are 4 crucial things that need to be considered by nurses as the health care team are: First, suicide is a behavior that can be deadly in the inpatient setting in a mental hospital. Secondly, factors related to staff include: lack of inadequate patient assessment performed by nurses, the staff were weak communication, lack of orientation and training and inadequate information about the patient. Third, suicide assessment should be done continuously during in-patient at the hospital either at admission, home or any change in medication or other treatments. Fourth, the relationship of trust between nurses and patients and caregivers self-awareness of patient behavior cues that support the occurrence of suicide risk is important in reducing the suicide rate in the hospital. Therefore suicide in hospitalized patients is a problem that needs quick and accurate handling. This paper will be presented on suicide risk factors, assessment instruments and management of nursing with nursing process approach.

Nursing Diagnosis Risk for Suicide

Definition: The risk for life-threatening self harm

Impulse Control, Suicide Self-Restraint

Clients do not make a suicide attempt

Expressed his hope for life
Expressing feelings of anger, loneliness and despair are assertive.
Identify another person as a source of support when thoughts of suicide arise.
Identify coping mechanisms alaternatif

Active Listening, Coping Enhancement, Suicide Prevention, Impulse Control Training, Behavior Management: Self-Harm, Hope Instillation, Contracting, Surveillance: Safety.
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