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Disturbed Body Image related to Acne

Disturbed Body Image - Nursing Care Plan for Acne
Disturbed Body Image Definition :

Confusion in mental picture of one's physical self Defining Characteristics: Nonverbal response to actual or perceived change in structure and/or function; verbalization of feelings that reflect an altered view of one's body in appearance, structure, or function; verbalization of perceptions that reflect an altered view of one's body in appearance, structure, or function; behaviours of avoidance, monitoring, or acknowledgment of one's body.


Acne is a skin condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Everybody suffers from acne at some point of their age and it spoils their skin therefore, people want a natural and permanent solution to cure acne.

This disease is technically called acne vulgaris and it affects millions of people from all over the world, mostly teenagers. Nearly everyone suffers at some point from outbreaks of pimples in their lives and most people consult a dermatologist in order to help them with this unaesthetic disease. As stated before, there are several types of acne, however one of the worst types of them all is with no doubt cystic acne.

Nursing Interventions and Rational - Disturbed Body Image related to Acne :

1. Encourage clients to express their feelings and perceptions about the effects of the disease.
Rational: By expressing feelings, can reduce the psychological burden.

2. Encourage individuals to ask the problem, management, development and health prognosis.
Rational: To assess patients' knowledge level and can provide new inputs that are beneficial to recovery

3. Provide reliable information and confirmed the information given.
Rational: Increasing patient knowledge, so that a healthy behavior and prevent the development of more severe disease.

4. Encourage you to share with the people about the values ​​and things that are important to them
Rational: By expressing, sharing, can reduce the psychological burden.

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