Nursing Diagnosis and Nursing Intervention

Nursing Diagnosis Risk for Infection - Tuberculosis NCP

Nursing Diagnosis Risk for Infection

Nursing Care Plan for Tuberculosis

Nursing Diagnosis : Risk for Infection related to lack of knowledge in order to avoid exposure of pathogens.

Expected outcomes are:
  • Lowers the risk of spreading infection

Nursing Interventions Risk for Infection - Tuberculosis NCP:
  • Review of pathology of the disease.
  • Identification of others at risk.
  • Instruct patient to cough / sneeze and remove the tissue and avoid spitting.
  • Review of infection control measures.
  • Keep an eye on the temperature as indicated.
  • Collaboration with the medical team.
  • Help patients recognize / accept the need to comply with treatment programs.
  • People who are exposed to drug treatment programs to prevent the spread / infection.
  • Can help reduce the patient's sense of isolation.
  • Febrile reaction indicators of infection.
  • Help identify institutions that could be reached to reduce the spread of infection.

Nursing Diagnosis

Nursing Diagnosis


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