Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions Anxiety related to CHF

Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions Anxiety related to CHF

Nursing Care Plan for CHF

Nursing Diagnosis: Anxiety related to fear of cardiovascular death, decreased health status, a crisis situation, health changes.

Overcome anxiety

Expected outcomes are:
  • The client was calm
  • The client understands about the process of nursing and medicine

Nursing Intervention:

· Review the signs of verbal expressions of anxiety.
Rational: the level of anxiety may develop panic that can stimulate the sympathetic with the release of catecholamines lead to increased cardiac demand for oxygen.

· Accompany the client during the period of high anxiety, give strength, use it at ease.
Rational: the sense of empathy is a treatment and may increase the client's coping abilities.

· Orient the client with routine procedures and activities that are expected.
Rational: orientation can reduce anxiety.

· Give the client an opportunity to express his concerns.
Rational: to eliminate ketegangang to the concerns that are not expressed.

· Do the approach and communication.
Rational: to foster mutual trust.

· Give the opportunity to accompany the person closest to the client.
Rational: to improve safety on the client.

· Provide an explanation of the disease, causes and treatment to be performed.
Rational: to provide assurance about the action steps that will be provided so that clients and families to get clear information.

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